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Amazon Controversy: Using Hindu God Images for Door Mat

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Amazon Controversy: Using Hindu God Images for Door Mat

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Few days back news erupted in social media that, one of the biggest eCommerce company in the world was using images of Hindu gods in its various products. The products were sold on the Canadian sub domain of amazon and once Indian got to know about it a huge controversy was erupted. Soon after Indian officials were involved and Sushma Swaraj, Ministers of External Affairs of India was involved in this matter. They talked to amazon officials and and an unconditional apology was demanded. Officials also stated that if amazon doesn’t apologize on the behalf of its product then Indian Government won’t allow visa to any amazon official in India. Soon after Amazon realized its mistake and apologized in behalf of its company. But the point is why so many news are emerging in which images of Hindu Gods are used in products like Underwear, Doormats, Slippers, dusters and other house hold items. In past Amazon was in news for selling similar products which used images from Christianity and Islam and again it created huge controversy.

Leggings depicting images of Hindu Gods.

Leggings depicting images of Hindu Gods.

As soon as the news circulated in India there was huge protest against this. Soon after the hashtag #BoycottAmazon was trending on Twitter at first position. Many famous people from different fields asked government agencies to ban Amazon website in India. The products that were sold on Amazon website included images of Hindu Gods like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, and many famous places of Hindu place of worship like Akshardham Temple in New Delhi, Sun Temple in Modhera, and Bhuleshwar Temple. These products were sold at price ranging from INR 1000 to INR 2000. The worst part of the products featuring Hindu Gods was that those products can be used at some of the dirtiest places like in Toilets and Bathrooms. The people protesting against these products said that since people belonging from Hindu Community don’t out cry on every matter related to religion so these companies are taking advanate of the tolerance of Hindu people. In past a Hindu Painter M.F Hussian also painted naked image of Goddess Durga and similar protest was organized but the painter was able to fly from India and later died. Many people also gave example of the attacks when cartoon of Prophet Mohammad was drawn by a Donnish New Paper and attacks were reported on the employees working in that news paper. Since People belonging to Hindu Religion don’t believe in Violence so companies like Amazon are taking wrong advantage of this.

The Hindu Religion is known for its tolerance and the knowledge it gave to the world. Most of the companies in United States are driven by people from India and they still follow Hinduism. By selling products that depicts the images of Gods, Amazon is directly attacking the belief of 1 billion people across the globe which is something that can’t be ignored. The issue was later reported to Ministry of External Affairs of India and they took quick steps to resolve this issue. There are many Hinduism Facts that prove that Hinduism is one of the oldest and tolerant religion of the world and that why it is able to sustain it self after facing attacks from Islamic Invaders. The invaders tried to stop the growth of Hinduism but the religion still survived and now it is being followed by more then 1.3 billion people across the word. Angkor Vat, the largest temple in the world was once a Hindu Temple which was later converted to a Buddhist Monastery. Similarly in Indonesia there are many Hindu Temple which are part of Now UNESCO world Heritage sites. All the sites in Singapore which are of National importance are building related to Hinduism. Even the largest Holi played on earth is in USA. These statistics prove that it is not a good thing to play with the beliefs of people which has presence all over the globe. Let me now give you all a quick updates on the issue and how the issue was resolved.

Tweets from Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs of India

Tweets from Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs of India

  1. Many people noticed that Hindu Gods images were used in some products sold by Amazon Canada Website. These products were sold by one retailer associated with Amazon.
  2. Once the news spread to India, there was protest on various platform including Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #BoycotAmazon trending on top.
  3. Thousands of people uninstalled their Amazon Mobile App and gave bad feedback and ratings while uninstalling it.
  4. The issue was passed to External Affairs Minister Sri Sushma Swaraj and she took charge of this issue.
  5. Sushma Swaraj through her official Twitter handle informed amazon that they have hurt the feeling of billions of Hindus Living in India and other places and Amazon should remove this product from their website.
  6. Now only they have to remove the product but they need to apologized for the mistakes they have committed and if they fail to do so no Indian Visas would be given any amazon official.
  7. Once Amazon got this news they talk to the India head of Amazon and Amazon trough their official twitter account asked for unconditional apology.
  8. Amazon also removed the products that were their on website and promised that they wont sell any products similar to this on their website and proper scrutiny would be done prior to uploading products in their website.

So as you can see the list of events that took place once the images were found on website. My point is why to use the images of something that is associated with beliefs of millions of People. Its not about Hinduism or any particular religion of the its about the moral ethics that should be enact while selling any products. In past also Amazon was criticized for the same thing when they used images of Islam and Christian. It is good to sell products and earn money but never ever earn money by playing with believes of million of people.

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High Volt Loading

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Suggestions for Security Protection –

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